Training for 50 miles

August 7, 2010

With eleven weeks to race day, training is going well.  Here’s an idea of my plan:

Weekdays: 6-8 miles on Tuesday, 4-5 one mile intervals on Wednesday, and 6-8 miles on Thursday. I occasionally run 3-5 miles on Monday, depending on how I feel after long runs on the weekends, but from now on, I’ll probably be resting on Mondays.

Weekends: This is where the major training occurs. Up until this weekend, I’ve run 7-10 miles on Saturday, and 20+ miles on Sunday, occasionally flipping the two days if I have commitments on Sunday morning.  Starting this weekend, I am running 18+ miles on both Saturday and Sunday.  For example, I ran 19 miles in three hours today, and I plan to run for about four hours (23-24 miles) tomorrow.  I feel pretty good after today’s run.  So, assuming I can get out of bed early enough, I’m hoping for a solid run tomorrow.

Also, I’m excited to report that pledges are coming in.  I’ll be promoting the site a lot more in the days ahead, so hopefully the guestbook and the honor roll will fill up with names!

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