Why partner with GHNI?

April 8, 2011

Some of you may be curious why we decided to team up with Global Hope Network International (GHNI) this spring. David first became familiar with GHNI in 2003, when a college friend of his and Ben’s completed an internship with the organization. That same year, through David’s work internationally, he met GHNI’s founder.

Fast forward to 2010. David visited Haiti, where he saw the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, and he visited southern Africa, where he encountered extensive poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. These experiences, along with a graduate-level study abroad project, caused David to think deeply about how to bring lasting help to troubled parts of the world.

Global Hope Network International uses an approach called Transformational Community Development (TCD). An impressive aspect of GHNI’s approach is their commitment to empowering people to solve problems locally. Funds raised for GHNI help people around the world to get back on their feet again, rather than moving people toward dependency on outside help. It’s the difference between giving a person a fish, and teaching a person to fish.

We’re excited about the work GHNI is doing! We hope you’ll check them out and give some thought to how you’ll get involved!

One Response to “Why partner with GHNI?”

  1. This is great David and Ben!! Thanks so much for supporting GHNI!!!