Honor Roll (Compassion)

Honor Roll
NameDateMaximum PledgeComments
Benjamin Isaacson Jul-14-2010 $ 300.00 Thanks to all for their support!
Paul Ericksen Jul-23-2010 $ 100.00
Matt Sinclair Aug-06-2010 $ 30.00 Good luck Ben! I know you’ll do great! And, you’re raising money for a very worthy cause, so you should be commended!
Nick & Isabelle Comande Aug-09-2010 $ 50.00 Dear Ben, we hope you finish the race. It will be a great accomplishment for you. Lots of love, Grandpa Nick and Grandma Iz
Diane Delaney Aug-13-2010 $ 50.00
Steve Shibley Sep-03-2010 $ 50.00
Mary Mueller Sep-08-2010 $ 25.00 I think you can do it too … good luck!
Shelly Wruck Sep-13-2010 $ 25.00 Best of luck!
Sue Campbell Sep-13-2010 $ 50.00 Ben, you are so very kind and generous in spirit to be taking on this challenge. Love, Aunt Sue.
Anonymous Sep-16-2010 $ 50.00
Tom & Pat Isaacson Sep-21-2010 $ 100.00 We know you can do it, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way!
Dennis & Marjorie Kozich Sep-28-2010 $ 25.00 Ben, Fifty miles, wow! We wish you well in this race and really respect what you are doing on behalf of RunningHungry. Our many thanks for your good deeds on behalf of others.
Gretchen Jensen Sep-30-2010 $ 20.00
Sue Oertel & Ginny White Sep-30-2010 $ 50.00
Ruth Madsen Sep-30-2010 $ 20.00
Paul & Deloris Isaacson Sep-30-2010 $ 10.00
Jeri Paddock Sep-30-2010 $ 25.00
Craig Shaub Sep-30-2010 $ 20.00
Ron Thomas Sep-30-2010 $ 20.00
Rose Rasmussen Sep-30-2010 $ 10.00
Nick B. Comande Oct-02-2010 $ 20.00 Good Luck Ben, I know you will do it. Nick, Lisa, and Rachel.
Michael & Gail May Oct-03-2010 $ 50.00 May God be the “spring” in your strides as you run this race for those in need. We are proud to be your family! Love, Aunt Gail & Uncle Mike
Virginia Webster Oct-07-2010 $ 5.00
Barb Ross Oct-07-2010 $ 10.00
Joy Webb Oct-07-2010 $ 20.00
Cheryl Miller Oct-07-2010 $ 5.00
Sam and Nick Radovanovic Oct-13-2010 $ 40.00 We are so excited for you to complete this race, Ben! We wish we could be there to witness it ourselves, but we know it will be well documented on video! You can do it!
Anonymous Oct-13-2010 $ 100.00 50 miles!?!? That’s crazy. The next thing you know, you’ll be running the Leadville 100 or something 🙂
Anyway, I’m happy to support your race, and glad to give towards Compassion. It’s a great group. May you and your team have fun and be blessed through the process.
Rose Frey Oct-14-2010 $ 20.00
Carol Zelt Oct-14-2010 $ 25.00
Richard & Carole Thompsen Oct-14-2010 $ 20.00
Anonymous Oct-19-2010 $ 25.00
Jacob & Kristin Ansari Oct-19-2010 $ 50.00
Anonymous Oct-20-2010 $ 75.00 We’re behind you 100% bro. Hope everything goes great this weekend. We’ll be excited to see the updates.
Anonymous Oct-21-2010 $ 10.00
Anonymous Oct-21-2010 $ 25.00
Anonymous Oct-21-2010 $ 20.00 Good luck Ben, I think it’s great the way you are raising money ($1,300 from a recent marathon!) for worthy causes as part of your running. I enjoyed reading parts of your blog, and am in awe of your training regimen heading for this 50 miler.
Liz Stabbe-Koplinski Oct-21-2010 $ 20.00
Carol Gilbert Oct-21-2010 $ 25.00 Go Ben
Anonymous Oct-21-2010 $ 10.00
Anonymous Oct-22-2010 $ 20.00
Anonymous Oct-23-2010 $ 400.00
Anonymous Oct-24-2010 $ 25.00 Good run, Benjamin!
David Hoskinson Oct-25-2010 $ 26.00 Nice job, Ben! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!
Anonymous Nov-07-2010 $ 50.00
Anonymous Nov-07-2010 $ 50.00
Anonymous Nov-07-2010 $ 10.00
Anonymous Nov-07-2010 $ 10.00
Anonymous Nov-07-2010 $ 20.00
Anonymous Nov-07-2010 $ 15.00
Anonymous Nov-07-2010 $ 20.00
Anonymous Nov-07-2010 $ 10.00