Training for 50 miles

August 7, 2010

With eleven weeks to race day, training is going well.  Here’s an idea of my plan:

Weekdays: 6-8 miles on Tuesday, 4-5 one mile intervals on Wednesday, and 6-8 miles on Thursday. I occasionally run 3-5 miles on Monday, depending on how I feel after long runs on the weekends, but from now on, I’ll probably be resting on Mondays.

Weekends: This is where the major training occurs. Up until this weekend, I’ve run 7-10 miles on Saturday, and 20+ miles on Sunday, occasionally flipping the two days if I have commitments on Sunday morning.  Starting this weekend, I am running 18+ miles on both Saturday and Sunday.  For example, I ran 19 miles in three hours today, and I plan to run for about four hours (23-24 miles) tomorrow.  I feel pretty good after today’s run.  So, assuming I can get out of bed early enough, I’m hoping for a solid run tomorrow.

Also, I’m excited to report that pledges are coming in.  I’ll be promoting the site a lot more in the days ahead, so hopefully the guestbook and the honor roll will fill up with names!


Team RH Signed Up!

July 27, 2010

I noticed today on the Fall 50 site that the registration for the team and pairs relay “is at capacity and is officially closed”.  Thankfully, this does not impact Team RunningHungry whatsoever.  I signed up the relay team earlier this month, so we are registered!  I’m talking to several friends about it, but as of right now, there are still four open spots on the relay team.  So, join in the fun!


Thoughts on Compassion

July 21, 2010

Why did I choose to raise funds for Compassion International (CI) through my upcoming 50-mile run?

Global Reach – CI helps one million children in 26 countries.

Financial Responsibility – CI meets the Better Business Bureau’s 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.  At least 80% of all funds raised are used for programs serving children.  You can also check out a report on CI at the Ministry Watch, a site which educates visitors on Christian ministries.

Giving Opportunities – The Global Food Crisis Fund is one of many endeavors to which you can provide support.  CI has established programs for disaster relief, malaria prevention, and more.  Another unique option is the Leadership Development Program, which identifies and supports Compassion-assisted youth with the potential to become strong leaders in their community.  If you prefer to direct your donation to one of CI’s other programs, that’s fine with me!

Visibility – I am impressed and moved by the blog on the CI site.  It’s full of stories from abroad, thoughts on CI’s programs, and perspectives from individuals serving in challenging communities.  Give it a read; it will open your mind, and it may open your heart as well.


Registration Confirmed

June 30, 2010

I completed the online sign-up today.  It’s official!  I will be running in the Fall 50 on October 23.  I am already running 30+ miles a week to train, and that number will rise in the months ahead.