Guestbook (Fall 50)

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15 Responses to “Guestbook (Fall 50)”

  1. Good luck Ben!

  2. Wow Benjamin! This is going to be really exciting! We know you will do great!

  3. Benjamin, I know you can do it. I’m just sorry I won”t be at the halfway point with a bottle of water for you.

  4. Benjamin!! This is amazing! Good Luck. I wish I could be there. You will do great!

  5. Ben this is crazy but if somebody can do it you can.

  6. Ben, WOW! Can’t imagine running 50 miles (can’t imagine running)! 🙂 You will do GREAT! Dan, I, Nate & Anna will be with you in spirit. YOU go guy! AND, CONGRATS to YOU and JENELLE — you’re going to be a dad and mom. We were so happy to hear this fabulous news. God Bless You All.
    Your cuz,
    Donna Isaacson Voye

  7. Incredible, Ben. You are making a huge difference in many lives around the world through this run.

  8. What an incredible undertaking for an amazing cause! My prayers will be with you during the run. I’m a Compassion Advocate from OH and wish you well.

  9. Your heart is a big as the distance you’re running! I wish you well and will be praying for you. Alleviating world hunger is an attainable goal with people like you and organizations like Compassion. I’m a West Virginia Advocate. Come run our half-marathon on Memorial Day, 2011 in Wheeling.

  10. Wishing you good luck, Ben!! Glad you are doing this for Compassion! Many Blessings to you!

  11. See you tomorrow, Benj. Race is less than 48 Hours away! Are you ready?

  12. Thank you for using your abilities to support Compassion! I will pray for your success!

  13. Ben, I wish you good health and a full “50” run. Your reason for running this race, your caring for others is to be commended. You are truly one of the SPECIAL people on this earth! GOOD LUCK!!!

  14. WOW, We knew you could do it. Aunt Sue and Uncle Gary

  15. Way to go, Ben!