Donate (Compassion)

There is no need to make your contribution until after the race.  However, if you’d like to complete your donation right away, you can use one of the options below.  Please let me know that you have made a donation using the pledge form or the contact form, so I can track how much I have raised. Thanks!

Online Donation — Use this link (on the Compassion site) to make an online contribution to the Global Crisis Fund. You can also contribute to a different Compassion fund using this link.

Donating by Check (payable to Compassion International) — You can send in your check via “snail mail” along with this PDF document.  The address is indicated on the form.

If you don’t need a receipt, you can simply give the check to me, and I will send it in to the Compassion office for you.  I may wait until after the race so that I can send all the checks at once.

Your support is much appreciated!