Team RunningHungry

Whether you are a runner or an enthusiastic spectator, you can be a part of Team RunningHungry!  If you’ll be in Kenosha on May 7 to run the race or cheer us on, let Ben know, and you can be featured on this page.  Here’s the team so far:

Benjamin Isaacson

Running the Marathon

Ben has completed twenty-five races of marathon distance or greater.  Last fall, he the Fall 50 in Door County, Wisconsin, completing 50 miles in less than nine hours.  On April 2, he completed the Waukesha Trailbreaker Marathon in 4:08:53, improving upon his 4:14:44 finish four years ago.  He is hoping to finish this year’s Wisconsin Marathon under four hours.

“Running a marathon is never easy, regardless of your experience or how much you’ve trained.  You must respect the distance each and every time.   Set a reasonable pace, stay hydrated, energize well, and focus on the goal.”

David Hoskinson

Running the Half Marathon

David has extensive experience at the half marathon distance, having run eleven previous 13.1-mile races, all of which have been outside the United States.  He’ll toe the line for the 12th time at the Wisconsin Half Marathon and attempt to finish under two hours.  He has finished half marathons in under two hours twice previously, including a personal best of 1:57:44.5 near Melbourne, Australia in 2005, a year in which he completed races of 13.1 miles or longer on four different continents.

This isn’t the first time David and Ben have joined each other in their running endeavors.  They ran together at the Air Force Marathon on September 19, 2009.  With temperatures rising and fatigue setting in, they stayed together and each persevered to a strong finish at the 26.2-mile distance.  Last fall, David captained a relay team at the Fall 50, guiding his five-member team to a successful finish while Ben completed his 50-mile effort.

During the 2009 Air Force Marathon, it took David two hours and roughly thirty seconds to run the first half of the full marathon.  A projected time, based upon his 15K race in Jacksonville, Florida on March 12, 2011, has David receiving his Big Cheese Medal and perhaps heading to the All Cheese Corral about two and a half hours after the start of the race.

Will seven more weeks of training, the bonus six-hour goal pledges for Japan and Egypt, and the camaraderie of hundreds of Cheeseheads be enough to take a half-hour chunk out of his projected time?  That, as they say, is why they run the race…

Jenelle Isaacson

Race Support

Jenelle has perfected the art of following Ben around marathon courses. She takes photos and video while providing food, drink, and encouragement at key points in the race.

Eliana Isaacson

Race Support

She will only be five months old on race day, but she’ll be cheering on Ben and David as best she can.  Many different things have inspired Ben to run as fast as possible, but a smiling Eliana waiting at the finish could be the most powerful motivational force of all.

Pat and Tom Isaacson

Race Support

Ben’s parents are experts in runner assistance. Their top-notch navigation skills have served them well at many past marathons, especially the Walt Disney World races in January 2007.  Pat was present in Nashville, TN for Ben’s personal record performance at the Country Music Marathon.  Tom, who has filmed Ben at races at least ten times, was recording at the finish line in Little Rock, AR when Ben first finished with a clock time under four hours.

Andrew and Holly Isaacson

Race Trackers

While Andrew and Holly won’t be in Kenosha on race day, they will be communicating with the rest of Team RunningHungry on race day, posting real-time updates on Ben’s Running Blog.  Also providing encouragement from afar are Ella (left), Lily (right), and Kellan (center).