Wisconsin Marathon & Half Marathon

Progress Update

Countdown to race time:

Fundraising Status

Global Hope Network International

Flat donations:$1,000.00
Additional amount raised for combined six-hour finish:
(Sorry, we didn’t quite make it)
Total: $1,000.00

Honor Roll

NameDateMaximum PledgeComments
Benjamin Isaacson Apr-06-2011 $ 130.00 Here we go!
David Hoskinson Apr-06-2011 $ 100.00 Twelfth half marathon, but first in the United States…should be memorable!
Anonymous Apr-11-2011 $ 100.00 Have fun!
Bob Reinders Apr-14-2011 $ 40.00 Good luck to you both. I like your goal challenge, and hope you double up on me. Sounds like you have a legitimate shot.
Chuck Rowland Apr-15-2011 $ 300.00 Hope the cheese doesn’t melt on you during the race!
Mike & Stacy St Peter Apr-19-2011 $ 50.00 Good luck Ben and David!
Andrew Isaacson Apr-21-2011 $ 50.00 Good Luck Cheese Men!
Anonymous Apr-25-2011 $ 50.00
Anonymous May-04-2011 $ 75.00 Thanks Ben & David for running for a worthy cause!
Tom & Pat Isaacson May-06-2011 $ 100.00
Anonymous May-06-2011 $ 101.00