We are thrilled to be able to provide some fun activities to get everyone excited about the upcoming race.

$2,000 in pledges by May 1 means crazy cheese apparel!



When Ben ran the Wisconsin Marathon in 2009, he wore a cheese cowboy hat, finishing in 4:03:25.  He wore a cheese tie the following year, completing the half marathon in a personal best 1:49:08.

If Ben and David raise $2,000 in pledges by the end of April, they will both wear cheese apparel at this year’s race!

Ben is already doing preliminary work on a one-of-a-kind cheese CAPE with the assistance of his wife, Jenelle.

Cheesehead Fez

David is willing to don a Cheesehead FEZ if enough pledges roll in.

Check the progress page to see how much more is needed to reach the goal.




Predict our finishing times!

If you can accurately predict how long it will take Ben to complete the marathon and David to complete the half marathon, you’ll win a prize.  Simply enter your predictions (one for each runner) in the box at the bottom of this page and hit ‘Submit Comment’.  I will review the comment and add it manually to the list on this page.  There will be three prize winners.

1) Closest to Ben’s finish time

2) Closest to David’s finish time

3) Closest to the combined finish time

The contest will be open through 6:00 p.m. CDT on Friday, May 6.  You are also welcome to change an already-submitted entry any time before that.  Good luck!

Entry Name Ben
Half Marathon
Combined Time
Actual Results 3:56:22 2:22:14 6:18:36
Scot Toler 3:55:00 2:04:00 5:59:00
Chuck Rowland 3:57:00 1:59:00 5:56:00
Doug Gallo     5:53:53
Lauren Rabb Murphree 3:58:58 1:56:57 5:55:55
Shannon Pollitz 3:54:30 1:57:23 5:53:59
Laura Sheline 3:36:23 2:25:40 6:02:03
Ashley Hopkins 3:46:30 2:15:30 6:02:00
Eric Treadwell 3:43:00 2:00:21 5:43:21
Jeff Walter 3:52:00    
Adam Hoskinson 3:56:02 1:59:38 5:55:40
Sue Oertel 3:24:00    
Mercy Now     5:42:53
Naomi Schalm 4:00:00 2:11:12 6:11:12
Pat Isaacson 4:05:00 2:10:00 6:15:00
Thomas Isaacson 3:55:00 1:57:00 5:52:00
Paul Ericksen 3:39:06    
Brad Currie 3:50:00 2:30:00 6:20:00