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Ben's finish time at the Chicago Lakefront 50K:

       Fundraising Update       
Flat donations: $675.00
Additional amount raised for completing 50 kilometers: $443.50
Additional amount raised for finishing under 5 hours: $190.00
Total: $1,308.50

       Making Your Contribution       
The amount of your pledge is listed below. There are a number of ways to complete your donation:
  • To contribute via credit card, visit the site I have set up at FirstGiving, which will securely process your transaction.

  • You can make a check payable to World Vision and send it to my home address, which you will receive in an e-mail from me. I will be sending the checks in to World Vision by the end of April.

  • You can also send your check directly to World Vision using this PDF form. If you use this method, please let me know (using the contact form or other means) that your check is in the mail.

  • All contributions are tax deductible!
Many thanks for your support. You have made a big difference in the lives of children and families across the globe!

Honor Roll
Name Date Maximum Pledge Comments
Benjamin Isaacson Jan-09-2008 $ 250.00 Let's get things started!
Nick & Isabelle Comande Jan-28-2008 $ 50.00
Stephen & Mary Johnson Jan-28-2008 $ 60.00 Press on toward the goal!
Tom & Pat Isaacson Feb-09-2008 $ 100.00 Go Benjamin! You're the best!
The Langer Family Feb-21-2008 $ 12.50 Good luck, and keep training!
Kim Johnson Feb-21-2008 $ 40.00 31 miles...that's AMAZING Ben! Please tell Jenelle I said Hi :)
Emily Shand Feb-27-2008 $ 20.00
Bob Reinders Feb-28-2008 $ 50.00
Pete Meyer Feb-28-2008 $ 50.00
Vickie Drinkwater Feb-28-2008 $ 20.00
Sue & Ginny Feb-28-2008 $ 25.00
Bob & Mary Olson Feb-28-2008 $ 20.00
Carol Zelt Mar-02-2008 $ 20.00
David Hoskinson Mar-05-2008 $ 100.00 Hey Ben, I hope you do great. You've been setting a lot of PRs lately, so I'm banking on under five hours.
Dave and Pam Walter Mar-07-2008 $ 150.00 Wishing you the best run ever.
Gail May Mar-08-2008 $ 25.00
Jim Zongolowicz Mar-28-2008 $ 20.00 Go, Young Ben!
Kay Clement Mar-29-2008 $ 50.00
Andrew, Holly, Ella, & Lily Mar-30-2008 $ 31.00 Go GET EM, Benj!!!
Delta Chi Northwestern Chapter Apr-01-2008 $ 70.00
Barry Aronson Apr-02-2008 $ 100.00 Always inspiring...ITB
Sue & Gary Campbell Apr-02-2008 $ 20.00 Good luck!
Lisa Helland Apr-10-2008 $ 25.00

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